Mahek Indian Cheshunt

Mahek Indian Cheshunt

Mahek Indian Cheshunt
Mahek Indian Cheshunt menu

Feel the appeal of amazing Indian at our restaurant type. There are various dishes listed on our menu and they are all available for you to enjoy. Taste the richness of the Mahek House Specialities like Butter Chicken, Duck Tikka Ramo, and Shakooti Chicken. Experience a fantastic blend of various ingredients like green pepper, mustard cheese and various flavours with these dishes. Enjoy a fine plate of Tandoori Grills like Tandoori Mixed Grill, Chicken Sizzling and Chicken Tikka for a memorable flavour. Our dishes are marinated and flavoured in various mixes to achieve the perfect deep taste. Our signature dishes include Vegetable Curry, Pilau Rice, Balti King Prawn, and Dopiaza. You can enjoy a fine selection of traditional dishes, Kurma dishes, and Madras amongst other classic Indian dishes. For the Biryani lover, the Special Mixed Biryani, Lamb Biryani and Chicken Biryani from our menu will be fantastic for enjoying and sharing great moments. There are extra portions like Chips, Massala Sauce and Korma Sauce for enhancing your main dishes. we also have Soft Drinks/Minerals for refreshment. There are many other delights detailed in our menu including Pathia & Dansak, Vindaloo, English Dishes and Sundries among other tasty dishes. 

About Mahek Indian Cheshunt menu

Located right in the middle of town, Mahek Indian is not just a takeaway restaurant. We are a hotspot for great food, quality vibes, and fabulous services. The dishes that we provide are fantastic and they represent the best of what you can find in the Indian cuisine. We have prepared a fantastic list of selected dishes for our esteemed customers. All the dishes on the menu represent a particular flavour that is adored and appreciated the world over. The dishes are also representative of our unique culinary experience. We create our own recipes and every dish has a signature flavour that you can associate with us. We are indeed not just a melting pot of culinary culture but also a spot for experiencing the best trends in the hospitality industry. Mahek Indian also offers you a chance to experience the best customer service. We have committed ourselves to provide excellent services. Our main driver is passion. We like to see our customers impressed by not just our food but our services too. At our restaurant, you can expect to experience satisfaction and quality times. Our doors are open to all food lovers who also like magnificent services.

Mahek Indian Cheshunt restaurant

You can find us in 201-205 Turner's Hill, Cheshunt EN8 9DG area. We are the ideal restaurant for the best Indian takeaway. You can enjoy the great takeaway services or you can opt for our food delivery services. We have a great local delivery service that is always fast and reliable. You can also expect to access our services from anywhere and at any time. With our mobile apps, viewing our menu is just a tap away. Just download them from the Google Play or App Store. We are the best restaurant for quality services in the city. Make an order today.